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I have taken this year a habit to visit Facial Treatments And oh that when I love this new way! For your own good and relaxing, you should occasionally do so and still prefer regular intervals. Reportedly in facial treatments, it would be worthwhile to visit at least four times a year, at the turn of the seasons, when climate conditions change here in Finland. 


I have been in facial treatments about every 5-6 weeks since the early summer. Oh why so often? Because I'm feeling good about it and has had a healing effect on my finger. Facial treatments are my only so-called. "The beauty of my Shirt", which Pampers myself, for I do not get nails, lashes, and I do not even dye my hair.


I like the fact that the arrival of Eco Beauty Wellnes for face care is made simple. You book time and arrive at the place. You do not need to think about what kind of treatment your skin needs, because beautician Emilia does the treatment according to the needs of the skin and, of course, listens to hope if they are. In fact, I often want my facial treatment to be combined with Gua Sha, as well as underarm sugaring, which can be chosen when booking for extra services.


I had a spring plan that I would have visited the various Ecobeauticians in Helsinki to test different facial treatments, but I started with Eco Beauty Wellnes and I liked the Emilian facials so much that I have not yet booked the time Anywhere else.


I last relaxed so that it seemed almost unreal. Just as the mind would have been detached from my body, such relaxation I have not experienced as a few times in my life. Lovely fragrances, nice cool masks, and the warm hands of Emilia and the good, confident massage extracts come to mind when I wonder about facial treatment. The massages are wonderfully large and the Niskahang gets banged. 


Gua Sha seemed nice and light. I thought it was a fun guess during the course of the treatment that what Gua Sha was used by Emilia at any time. Especially lovely I felt like a cool spoon sliding on the skin, as well as the hair's zig zag combing – this is where the image of this article admitted that it would have wanted to be in my place under linen sheets when the scalp is combed, it rather is wonderful and Relaxing when someone else comb your hair. If the treatment had been going any longer, I would certainly have slept.


Emilia also combined my facial treatment with a small hand massage which was a wonderful supplement in the meantime when the mask was influenced by my face. The hands were warm, seemed soft and the lovely hand fat smelled even after several hours.


After the treatment, I noticed how the face had left tension and it seemed like the eyes were somehow more open (I often have excitement above the eyebrows). My feeling was so relaxed and calm that it seemed all over the body. I always feel very inspired and clear in my mind after a facial treatment. In addition to that, there was a great glow on the skin, especially for the décolate, I still admire it for the following day.


I like the fact that when the facial treatment is complete, Emilia gives you tips and tells you what I should pay attention to in my skin care, and what is my skin at that moment. Emilia also often has small samples to be tested at home.


You think who your friends or loved ones have earned a relaxing indulgence, take part in the lottery by commenting below and you can win a gift card for a relaxing pampering. The draw is valid from 15.09. And the winner will be notified electronically.



Photos Pinja Kopra

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