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We have been in the past year to admire the very good results of our customers Dr. Alkaitius Treatment and home care combination for acne and unclean skin.  As management plans progressed, we have been annoyed that we have not documented skin healing processes. This was the idea of a skin care study to which we are now looking for test individuals.

The skincare study will last for about 6 months, including home care products for test subjects as well as regular treatment treatments at Fredrikinkatu in Helsinki. The progression of the study is photographed, so the identity of the face should be taken into account when submitting the application. The study will be used in the operation of the Salon and published in our social media. Research participants are expected to commit to a treatment cycle for successful research. Two people will be involved in the study.

You can search for Skin Analysis Through. Label the analysis in the Free flea field "skin care research". In the analysis, tell a little about your situation and the history of your skin, plus a picture of facial skin. Apply for research by 17.2 at the latest. We are in contact with all applicants after selecting test persons and we also consult those who do not participate in the study in skin care. 


Did you know this?

Founder of the series Dr. Saulius Anthony AlkaitisThere is a long-line scientist, chemist, molecular biologist and pharmacologist who specializes in researching plant medical properties. To him, creating a series is combining art and science to improve and maintain the balance and well-being of the body's largest organ.

Dr. Alkaitis manufactures its own handcrafted small factory in California. In addition, he manufactures all the plant extracts used for the products themselves in order to ensure that their therapeutic properties remain intact. The product range is simple and there are no broken products in the series for different skin types, but the high-quality products are designed to strengthen each type of skin, so that they can form exactly the combination of what your skin needs.

A clean and natural skin care kit is famous for its preservation and skin healing properties. The Dr. Alkaitis Skincare Series uses organic-certified, biodynamically and ethically collected natural ingredients in their raw form in order to achieve optimum efficacy. The products have been rich in skin-balancing plants, herbs and essential oils. There is no water in any of the series, but the ointment bases and the facial waters instead contain 100% certified Aloe Vera, which is a well-tolerated raw material and has skin soothing properties. Saulius believes that the therapeutic effect of plants can only be recovered by using the whole plant – that is why he uses his cosmetics in the manufacture of the whole crop, ranging from root to leaves. 

Tips for home care for unclean skin

  • Do not compress impurities
  • Treat skin gently with a pat
  • Use lukewarm water to remove the cleaning agent
  • Avoid mechanical and abrasive exfoliating agents
  • Replace the pillowcase with a clean daily and remember to wash our pillow from time
  • Use sedative and inflammatory healing Facial water
  • To balance other sebum secretion Facial Oil
  • Akneiho, among others, benefits from soothing and moisturizing Serum 


* None of the raw materials used for alkaning products are heated to more than 37 degrees. In practice, it is therefore a very nutrient-dense raw cosmetics, which contains the enzymes, fatty acids and phytonutrients needed for the full-length skin.

* Did you know that Saulius Alkaitis has also participated in the creation of a German BDIH certificate?

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