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We are delighted to announce that our eco-cosmetologist is now also doing gua sha treatment with facial treatments using Katja Kokon's Yin Your Skin gua sha tools. Gua sha treatment can be booked as a face-to-face service. You can access the booking service directly from here. If you are wondering what gua sha is, we will clarify this in this post.


Gua sha  is an ancient Chinese massage method that has now gained popularity in facials. Treatment with comb-like movements activates fluid circulation, eliminating waste products and activating cells to regenerate. It removes dark circles and fluid, softens and brightens the skin, reduces pores and lightens pigmentation. Enlarged pores shrink and wrinkles and lines are smoothed. Just ten minutes of guashaeping gets your skin covered and bright.

Gua shaa is not recommended if:
- the skin is damaged or inflamed
- Rosacea, acne or perioral dermatitis on the skin (do not treat the symptoms
skin, but under and around them can still be treated and for example rosacea and
acne treatment of the neck area is useful)
- if you have been using lotions or injections on your skin within the last three months


Gua sha instruments can also be purchased for home use and there are different and different types of instruments.

gua sha tools

Gua Sha comb - The comb made of jade stone is by far the most popular tool because it is the most versatile comb and can be used to treat all parts of the body, from head to toe.

According to Chinese medicine, jade improves kidney energy and purifies toxins and waste products from the body. Jade is especially good for a stressed mind and body.

The U-shaped head fits well into the jaw line of the face, cheeks,
neck and neck. The long side of the trowel is good for decollete, face and body.
Hair scalping, in turn, feels heavenly and effectively releases tension
and triggers stress.

Gua Sha treatment uses a lubricant to make the device glide on the skin for a pleasant skin - quality skin oil
is the best lubricant. Do a gua sha treatment at the end of your regular skin care routine. Moisturize the skin first
lotion or face water and then apply oil to the skin. You can also use serum and
moisturizer normally before applying the oil. Body oil is applied to the skin of the body.
After use, clean the comb thoroughly with soap and water and dry thoroughly. If you use a tool
to treat others, it should also be disinfected.

gua sha-children


Gua sha kids  - specially formulated for face treatment. The tailor-made baby sits really well on the facial bones, jaw line, chewing muscles, cheekbones and around the eyes, thanks to a variety of cavities and wavy shape that is smoother than traditional gua sha comb. Thanks to the tapered edges, using a trowel blade, it is easy to wrinkle the crease bottoms and enhance their smoothing.


Jaderulla With the Nylon Roller you wake up your skin in less than a minute! Rolling makes for an effective boost
blood circulation, enhances collagen production and improves skin absorption, but it does not
breaks the skin like microneedling and is therefore gentler and more hygienic. Scrolling brightens the skin and
remove swelling.

gua sha comb-jaderulla

In addition, our range includes a spoon designed specifically for the eye area.



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