Enhance Your Glam Beauty event 8.11.


Welcome to our wonderful Enhance Your Glam beauty event to 8.11. At 17-19.

As a source of inspiration, of course, we have a natural beauty that we can slightly emphasize with small, everyday choices. Our beautician Emilia and Milla offer wonderful skin care guidance as well as quick-to-quality Kjaer Weis & Studio 78 Paris with makeup. Aila and Lotta, in turn, guide you in choosing hair styling products, making wonderful quick campings with natural cosmetics products.

In addition, we offer a sparkling and warm drink with a small treat! During the evening we value a fresher product package worth about 200e.

Come on yourself or with a friend, wonderful to see everyone again 



Eco Beauty Wellness 

Fredrikinkatu 28 

00120 Helsinki, Finland

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