EBW Modified Maija

Eco Beauty Wellness, as a source of inspiration for the variable project, was to offer some of our customers a chance to find a new look with the help of eco-products. The person who played the leading role in our video has had a stressful time in his life, when he lost a lot of hair and skin. We wanted to give Maja joy to live with this little change. Thanks to all participants, 3

In the initial situation of the Maija, he had about 5 cm of typhosis and hair dyed in synthetic colours. There was some residue on the floor of the crown. The situation is therefore not very easy when it comes to plant dyeing. 

We decided to start with a mild form of clay for the beginning, so that we could get the most out of the areas. After this, we switched to plant dye. Mary was hoping for a reddish tone. We chose the Cultivator's Caramel + Mahogany combination to make the color smoother and make a beautiful reddish glow. Maija has a very fair face by its nature, so it warms the general face perfectly. 

When the plant dye had been carried out, Milla pointed out the beautiful eyes of Maija (studio 78 Paris) and the eye shadow (studio 78 Paris). As makeup, we have Kjaer Weis and Studio 78 Paris product series. The bottom was made from Studio 78 Paris in the light of the 1 0 shades and mascara and the lipstick was in the Kjaer Wis tone of Lover's Choice. 

Here are some still photos of the session from a week ago. 


How'd you like that, huh?

Would you like to be part of the EBW-variable project? Please submit an application to the info (at)ecobeautywellness.com


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