British Herbfarmacy is renewed - the whole series now -30%

British Herbfarmacy Skincare is revamped and the whole series is now available at a staggering -30% off with code HERBFARMACY30 .  Herbfarmacy is a British organic skin care series certified by the Soil Association. Seriesis a skin care series specifically designed for sensitive skin. Created by Paul Richards, a British specialist in herbal medicine and herbal healing power. To date, Herbfarmacy is a 32 year old company with solid experience in the use of herbal medicine in skin care products. The fragrance is gentle light and the fragrances come mainly from herbal extracts. The product mix also includes fragrance-free products such as the Nourishing Face Cream series. All kinds of hurry have been stripped of their activity - especially as they respect the plants' own growth cycle and never harvest the plants until they are fully ready for picking. All the flowers and herbs used in the products are grownHerefordshire, which hosts a number of farms and organic farms with which Herbfarmacy works closely. What makes the brand even more interesting is the fact that at present Herbfarmacy is the only English company to grow and use only self-cultivated raw materials in its products. All herbs are picked by hand and the products are packed by hand.

The products have a creamy, gentle texture that is perfect for sensitive skin and for example those who are new to natural cosmetics.

This offer is valid indefinitely, as long as there are enough products.


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