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The fragrance worlds are important to me and I am better attended by the fragrances. 

I see that in everyday life I'm easy to get up to work on the so-called. Automatically, especially if I'm stressed. When I act automatically, I do not pay attention to things and what I ignore, I do not necessarily remember. Everyone is sure to experience a situation in which you wonder if you can put the door closed – an everyday thing that does not necessarily do at all consciously. I myself have had days I don't remember other than that I've been working and come home. Really scary if you live automatically for everyday life, what does it remember anymore later? I think this is an inspiring matter. Everyday life is worth living.


1001 Remedies Purair Purifying Room Spray


Today I strive to stop every now and then in the midst of everyday life and try to be present. It can be surprisingly challenging. The easiest way to consider good things. With a good fragrance, I can easily use this moment. I experience that a good smell just passes into my brain and interrupts everything else momentically. It is relaxing to stay for a moment to think about this fragrance world while its sniffing. Not only, whether it is good, but also to feel how your own body responds to it. For example, whether it is tranquility or fragility.

Also with routines can be more readily present. I have these routines have evolved into two. Facial Skin Care daily as well as new routine 1001 Remediesin Purair Air freshener Spraying and fracking during the morning awakening and in the evening before going to bed. The smell of purair is difficult to describe, it is something I have not experienced before. If you walk on a ferret, you will experience the scent on the spot! I find it interesting that the scent of air freshener works on awakening and before falling asleep. I also use it in between when I want to brighteen my mind, for example, after working day or before writing – as it is at this very moment. Perhaps its trick lies precisely in the fact that the scent clears my mind from distractions. It's easy to start the day with a clean slate, and you'll be asleep faster. This product could also be a wonderful extra for yoga moments.


1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Relaxing Balm


Another product 1001 Remediesis A Good night sleep relaxing balm multi-functional. I'm on this product so hooked that it goes almost everywhere with me!

"1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Relaxing Balm, ointment contains lemon-amelier essential oil that soothes heart palpitations, nervous system, neroli and chamomile soothes stress symptoms and helps relaxation and makes it easy to sleep The "

I get this relief from anxiety and migraines that may strike the middle of a working day. My mind calms down when I swipe the lemon scent of balm on my wrists and smell it for a moment. I also use this before going to bed and I feel that balmi helps me sleep more smoothly, and I do not wake up very much during the night.  

Both of these series products are also in my opinion awesome gift ideas! For a keen yoga friend, a stressful person, a sleeping problem, to whom you want to give a small stop to the center of the everyday – like you yourself.

With 1001 remedies products, it is easy and quick to use fragrances as a perfume. The more I am present, the more calm I find myself.

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